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The Daughters of '98

The membership of the Daughters of '98, Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans, is composed of daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughters, legally adopted daughters, stepdaughters, foster daughters, daughters in law, grand daughters in law, nieces and grand nieces, cousins of anyone eligible for membership in the United Spanish War Veterans, who have reached the age of five (5) years.

Its objects are to bind closer together the descendants of the United Spanish War Veterans, to perpetuate the memory of those who carried the flag to victory in 1898, to endeavor to hold high the standards of the organization, and to encourage the aims and aspirations of the United Spanish War Veterans.

By resolution approved at the National Convention held in Kansas City, Missouri, August 23rd to 28th, 1947, the Daughters of '98 were granted certain legal rights to function. Substance of the Resolution is as follows: "Two or more Forts shall be grouped and called a Department. The newly formed Department will then proceed to form a National Fort. The local Forts shall function through their Departments, the Departments through their National Fort, and the National Fort will function under the direction of the National Auxiliary, U.S.W.V."

On August 30th, 1960, the National Fort, Daughters of '98, Auxiliary, USWV, was granted a charter by the National Auxiliary, USWV. The charter was presented to National Fort Captain Ada Knect by the National Auxiliary President Kathleen Galvin.

The National Fort consists of 14 officers, some of whom are elected and some appointed.

Cadets participate in services held on February 15th [The date of the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine] Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Flags and Banners are carried in the Massing of Colors. Floral Tributes are placed. Many cities have Hiker Monuments were ceremonies are conducted at special times.

The Spirit of 76' will live forever in the hearts of the Daughters of '98. We pledge ourselves to always revere the founds of this great land, and to preserve the memory of our fathers, the United Spanish War Veterans. God bless those sisters who are still with us. In your golden years may you find consolation in knowing that the Daughters of '98 will assist you as long as the need exists.

National Fort Officers, 2016 to 2017

The following are the National Fort Officers for the year 2016 to 2017.

Fort Captain
Fort Adjutant
Patricia McAteer
145 Tiverton Court
Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17042
Karen Burkhimer
12500 Ramar Road
Philadelphia, PA 19154

Forts of the Daughters of '98

The following is a listing of the active local Forts of the Daughters of '98.

Keystone Fort No. 173
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Membership in the Daughters

The following are the types of membership available in the Daughters of '98.

The Dues. When a Sister first joins the Order the total cost for membership is fifteen dollars ($15.00), this covers the Annual dues ($10.00), and the Initiation Fee ($5.00). The yearly dues after this initial fee are ten dollars ($10.00) per year, this cost covers your Membership card, and a subscription to the National (The National Son) Newsletter. Membership Dues should be made out to the "Daughters of ‘98."

The Application. To join the Order a paper application with the necessary documentation of your ancestry must be completed and submitted to the Fort. The following link will take you to a PDF Application.

Membership Application

Where do I sent the Application? All applications for membership should be mailed with the necessary dues to the "Daughters of '98, 68323 Durango Road, Cathedral City, California 92234"

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